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Out of all of my experiments, this one is the most impactful because it bleeds into everything else I do in my life. Business or otherwise.

I read a book by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan called The One Thing.

What this experiment is named after!

The One Thing is about focusing on the ONE most important thing in a project.

However, the book is business focused and I shelved the concept into the back of my head for later use.

I kept reading, watching, and soaking in information from any source I could.

Which lead to another book I read by James Clear called Atomic Habits.

The title says it all.

At first it seems like these books are separate things, until I realized it was not!

Not saying these are the only sources that impacted me, it was the accumulation of everything I’ve absorbed.

I simplified to these two because it aptly sums up the experiment.

What is The One Thing that I can do that will simultaneously create Atomic Habits that ripple into every area of my life?

Being Prolific.

The prolific habit is the one thing that propelled everything else – business, health, wealth, and in my relationships.

Focusing on one thing and stacking habits by doing the thing, prolifically.

This concept is not new. I did not invent this.

In my research it was one or the other:

  • How to build good habits or how to be productive.
  • How to build a business or how to stop procrastinating.
  • So on and so forth.

I was learning things based on an “area” that it applies to. Rather than holistically integrating.

Until I realized the only habit or thing that I need to focus on is being prolific.

If I execute prolifically – whatever it is – automatically solves all of the other tasks, goals, and aspirations.

Holistically. Naturally.

The Experiment.

I needed to test my theory (against myself) and I started with a week because I did not have the experimental mindset at the time. It turned into a month long run, then into a lifelong practice. Learn how to do experiments here.

It was simple, whenever I thought to do something, I did it. That was it!

Whether it was to do the laundry or build a landing page. I just did it.

My brain bubbled up the fact that I should exercise, I did it. Even if it’s only 20 minutes. I did it.

I remembered to email someone for something, I did it.

I thought to set an automatic investment schedule. I did it. It’s still running today with higher investment amounts compared to when I started.

I got reminded to check in on someone. I called or texted them. Chat with them whilst doing another thing I needed to do.

Two birds, one stone.

All I did was prolifically execute. That was it.

The Result.

I know. I can already hear you saying this is stupidly simple. Such a dumb and idiotic experiment because OF COURSE you should do it!


But for some reason when I removed all of the attachments – doing something for business or for productivity or for health – reduced the stress.

I simply did it to do it. No attachment. No thought process in terms of planning or perfection but just to do it.

Even after I did something and a new idea came to my head to tweak it. I did it.

The thought came into my head and it was done.

This changed my life.

By being a simpleton and just doing the thing literally shifted everything.

Prime example is this website!

Because of this experiment of being prolific, I have done hundreds of experiments since.

One after another, I prolifically executed because that was the only thing I paid attention to.

Then I had the idea to publish my experiments. Now your reading it.

I say this with all sincerity – I know, this is “dumb” and you already know this – focus on being prolific. That’s it.

Everything else will come naturally when you DO the thing. It so simple and so obvious in hindsight.

I bet you already know this and I am here to remind you.

Don’t let the pure simplicity fool you, the biggest problem we all have is overthinking, over-planning, and under-executing.

A wise man once said:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

Be prolific. The one thing. One habit. Do it.

Try it now. Honestly, you’ll be the dumb one if you don’t.

Love ya,

Another Example.

To drill the concept into your head, I want to show you how I write these posts.

I write in real-time inside WordPress. Hit publish.

Being prolific.

Notice something that I need to fix? Fix it (check quote box). Then hit publish.

Being prolific.

Start now.

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