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Hard hitting and funny, IMO.

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This is a bold claim and I can make this claim because it is true for me.

Click the links on this page in order. It builds off of the last one.

Key point you need to innerstand: success is your responsibility.

Which means that nobody is liable otherwise, only you are. If you don’t like where you are in life, that is your fault – I’m sorry to say, I and anybody else does not look through your eyes.

Having said that, this guide will be the starting point that all of the other content on this website is built and designed for.

Simply: making you successful by doing experiments. Learn how here.

There is one thing that you must do on a daily basis that will propel you forward and it will create a lifestyle that you’re proud of – if you implement it.

After you embody the one thing, the next question is: what do you consider a successful life? The definition of “being successful” is vague and unique to you.

Do the Educo Design experiment to garner clarity on your definition. You will read mine and get some ideas on the possibility that you have access to.

Clarity is power.

After you innerstand your compass and north star, you will need a system to implement your ideas and become competent. I created EducoOS as a way to organize in a simple fashion without all the noise.

Use EducoOS as it is or create a system that suits you better.

The foundation has been laid with:

  • The one thing you need to do on a daily basis;
  • Your compass and north star with Educo Design; and
  • A system to execute your ideas in a systematic fashion with EducoOS.

? Educo is the Latin root word for Educate which means to draw out, bring out, or my personal favourite, develop from within.

You will develop from within and self-design by following this guide.

The rest of this guide will be targeting specific areas of your life.

Let the fun begin!

Phase Zero: The Soul Games.

Your temple: body and mind-soul. And making it a game.

The Soul Games is just that – a series of games that ascend yourself.

The common theme on the web is that the soul is different from the mind. I do not believe that. What came first: the chicken or the egg?

If the chicken came first to lay the egg, then where did the chicken come from?

If the egg came first, then who laid the egg?

I believe that the mind and soul are one unit, they’re not separate. So when I say soul or mind in my writing, they’re the same thing and interchangeable.

Your soul is the energy and driving force of being alive. The electrical pulse that allows your body to move and your brain to think. This pulse also allows your mind to shape your soul or decisions that you make.

If you’re pulsating at a low frequency, the rest of your temple will reflect that. Innerstand that there is a lag time between frequency change and life change.

Consistency is the difference. Which is why being prolific is so important.

Phase One: Prolific Value through Business.

The one business I recommend all newbies to start a blog. It is the most passive once it is setup. I wish I started with a blog before a media company.

Learn from my mistake and do it first.

With increased income, you may dabble into other vehicles that interest you simply because you will have capital to finance your endeavours.

A blog is also the easiest to do whilst working your job without needing much overhead to run.

I recommend not building another business until after you setup your financial house in Phase Two.

However, the $1M in Affiliate experiment goes hand-in-hand with a blog.

Phase Two: Sustain Generational Wealth.

Note: Viewpoint of a Canadian. May not apply. Find your equivalent.

The first step is to get used to having money. Do the Wad of Cash experiment.

If you have debt, do the CFI: Debt Destroyer experiment.

Once you are free and clear of debt and used to having money, it is time to setup your financial house to be rock solid.

We’ll start with you before including your family members because being rich is about money, whilst being wealthy is about family legacy.

As a Canadian, we are given a Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA) and it is the first investment account to max out. I do not consider the TFSA as a savings account but an investing account due to the advantages it has to compound income.

Get a WealthSimple account and do the TFSA: Dividend Empire experiment.

After you max out the TFSA (or equivalent in your country) move onto the next account – Registered Retirement Savings Pension (RRSP). This account also has advantages to compound income when you target specific stocks verses TFSA and I also do not consider it a savings account but an investing account.

Make sure you have WealthSimple and do the RRSP: US Dividend Empire experiment.

These will be easier to max out because of Phase One and your increased income. When you max these accounts, you will also be receiving more income.

If you have a disability like I do (hard of hearing), I recommend to max on the Registered Disability Savings Account. This is straightforward, put money in and Canada will do a match up to a certain amount. Skip otherwise.

Moving onto the next account, First Home Buyers Account. Very easy to max out immediately when all of the other accounts are done and will not be used until you’re ready to purchase a home. More of a later stage account, not immediately required but useful when the time comes.

If you haven’t noticed, I recommend maxing out any government-based accounts that are offered to you because many of them are tax advantages or “free money” – although nothing is really free.

Phase Three: Teach.

At this point, you have lived life. Gained experience and competence in your field of interest and living as you designed it.

You’re in a position to uplift and raise the collective to your level.

How you want to teach is up to you. I use this blog.

A cartoon image of Deejay Lum

Who am i?

An internet fiend that does the opposite of conventional wizdom. Unsurprisingly, made me successful. These days, I f*ck around and find out then show how to do the same. You’re welcome. Don’t follow me anywhere. I barely poast. Thank u. Love ya. K bye.