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Common questions

Entirely dependent if it is something that I use. I can review your product or service and write about it. Unfortunately, you may or may not like what I write because I have vested interest in ensuring that my association is true and accurate. I will not recommend otherwise and there is no pay-to-play access here. You have the best product or service? Sure thing. You want to pay me to give you good PR? Bugger off.

Don’t! I really don’t care. My life is not your life. My experiences are not yours and vice versa. If we butt heads on certain things because of XYZ, so be it, that’s your life and it doesn’t make a difference in mine. I have nothing to prove to you and I don’t even need to build this website, who knows, I may nuke it off the internet whenever I see fit.

My income is not dependent on whether you buy from me. I already have equity deals, passive investment, and other business ventures that I do not require your money from this site. This is for fun!

Nothing fancy. Lived life like anyone else. Did I grow up incredibly poor and have a heroic rise to the top? Nope. Besides, what I consider successful is not in line with what others would consider being a success. I just wanted a ranch, food comes from the ranch for my own family and have fun with life. Completely self-sustained without worry of any supply chain issues.

What I consider “fun” is building things from scratch and buying things and scaling it to sell it. Rinse and repeat. Fail and learn. Succeed and get wealthy.

Not really. If your platform is in line with what I preach, there may be something we can work out. Fill out the form and we’ll go from there.

Selfishly: to provide clarity and organization of my ideas in written form.

Selflessly: to provide a shortcut with simple language for newbies that want to get to my position without all of the mistakes.

Overall: to prove a point that anything can happen and anybody can do it.